Two-section anti-shock 100-280 Hp


  • Counterplate for quick coupling to the machine
  • Anti-shock spring with adjustable power
  • Inclination by hydraulic jacks and anti-shock system
  • Lifting by hydraulic jack – 450 mm above the ground
  • Outiline lights and flags for road circulation
  • HARDOX interchangeable cutters
  • Adjustable support feet
  • Moulboard angling 35°
  • Moulboard height 1050 – 1150 mm


  • Fitting backets (only if in the factory)
  • Joystick into cabin
  • Hydraulic system, electronics switchboard joystick
  • Installation at our factory
  • Price deduction for brackets alredy exhisting
  • Adjustable support slides
  • Ice blocked position
  • With tractor’s hydraulic system (only if in the factory)
  • With tractor’s hydraulic system + our distributor (only if in the factory)

Snow ploughs