Series PV

Series PV 2018-03-28T10:56:11+00:00

Reversible hydraulic ploughs variable working-width – inside furrow


  • Skimmer mouldboard
  • Lateral shift by screw
  • Variable working width by hydraulic adjustment
  • 180° Hydraulic tipping
  • Self locking swinging drawbar
  • Joints with pins and bushes wear-proof


  • Reversible depth adjusting wheel
  • Depth adjusting double wheel on 3° body
  • Short hydraulic side shift (800 mm)
  • Long hydraulic side shift (1150 mm)
  • Support for the transport wheel on the road
  • Price deduction for skimmer mouldboard if not required each
  • Polypropylene working body – each
  • High working depth moulboard for Series 30 – each
  • Slatted moulboard each
  • Price deduction for Not reversible